Payment & Insurance

Easy Payment and Insurance Plans for You

Efficient Payment Plans

We offer several interest free payment plans. You can pay in full with a 5% discount. You can have your monthly payment automatically drafted from your checking, savings, or credit card account by OrthoBanc or you can mail or bring in your monthly payment. We try to be flexible and understand that you may have unique needs. Please speak to Kasey if additional options are needed so that special arrangements can be made.
In case of multiple responsible parties, our accounting software will allow us to split up the orthodontic contract. Please understand that it is not the responsibility of Ault & Ault Orthodontics to negotiate between the two (or more) responsible parties.

Insurance and Flexible Spending Accounts

Orthodontic care is often made more affordable with the assistance of insurance benefits and flexible spending accounts.
As a courtesy, we'll file your insurance claim and will be accepting assignment of benefit, which means the payments will be sent directly to our office. In the case when your insurance doesn't accept assignment of benefits, we'll not be able to include the insurance in your contract. We'll still file the claim with your insurance and the payment will be sent to the subscriber. 

If your insurance coverage should change, it's your responsibility to contact our office as soon as possible with the new insurance information due to filing deadlines. Insurance varies greatly between companies and groups; we'll make every effort to ensure that you receive the full benefit to which you are entitled. Please note that any remaining balance not covered by insurance is the responsibility of the account holder.
Flexible spending accounts often allow our patients to set aside an allotted amount of money for future medical or dental needs. Many companies are offering FLEX cards that work much like a credit card and some may require that you submit receipts for services. Please let's know your individual needs and we'll assist you in obtaining your reimbursements.
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